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I'm the Practitioner at Create Wellness,LLC.

My name is Angela and my passion for wellness began at an early age. When I was in high school, my body started to change due to hormones. I started reading about nutrition and taking an interest in physical exercise outside of just school sports. Then in college I started to dig deeper into nutrition and would turn to food for medicine. I quickly learned I felt much better when I put whole nutritious food in my body. 


I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. And even though I had a bachelors degree in a health related field, what I was learning and seeing in the medicine world was not in alignment with where my heart was pushing me. I strongly believe we have to look at the whole body (physical, emotional and spiritual) to discover complete wellness. I struggled with being a nurse in a world where we treat symptoms versus the whole person. 


I was very blessed to have landed my first nursing job with an amazing doctor who felt the same as I did. Together we helped many women with a hormonal imbalance through nutrition, medication and support groups. I have helped people of all ages in all phases of life. As I started my own family, I would continue to help people with nutrition and wellness. It has always been a true passion of mine. I added to my knowledge of wellness and became a Certified Natural Health Professional. 


I love Jesus and each day I devote time with Him. I want to know who He is and I desire to be close to Him and hear His voice daily. I found myself feeling heavy (emotionally) and I did not understand why. I was eating very healthy. I was exercising regularly. I had a great support system of friends. But something just felt off. I would spend a lot of time journaling and expressing my feelings. I am an emotional person and I am aware I feel more than maybe the normal person. I have tried to grasp this as a gift and learn from my emotions. However, I was becoming exhausted and I started looking for answers. This is when I was introduced to the Emotion Code. It was a practice I was unfamiliar with and I wanted to make sure God was being honored in all practices I attempted. Dr. Bradley Nelson honors God in his practice as a chiropractor and the creator of the Emotion Code. When I first started practicing the Emotion Code and releasing trapped emotions from my past, I was leary and skeptical. However, I would find myself feeling lighter. Emotions that I would normally feel on a regular basis (sadness, anger, etc), I noticed were gone. This is when I knew I had to become a practitioner and help others. I wanted others to experience emotional healing. 


I currently work with Dr. Travis Hulbert and Dr. Stephen King at Quest Chiropractic Center in Bloomington, Indiana. We all three are in alignment of treating the whole person. Dr. Travis Hulbert is a wonderful chiropractor who physically adjusts the body to facilitate healing. Dr. Stephen King is trained in Nutrition Response Testing and will discover nutritional deficiencies in our body and provide healing though nutritional supplements. Then I focus on the emotional wellness of individuals by allowing God to reveal negative emotions and releasing them from the body. I am thankful to be used and help facilitate emotional healing in our lives. I truly love helping others CREATE WELLNESS within their bodies and minds. 


When I am not doing or thinking about wellness, you will find me outdoors hiking with my husky, Hazell or playing golf. I look forward to learning more about you and hopefully meeting you. Please feel free to contact me. I am here to help! 

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