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Angela has been an emotion code practitioner for 3 years. She has built a loyal client base as she helps them release their negative emotions that have become trapped. These testimonials have been provided by Angela's past and current clients. 

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"I have been working with Angela for the past 3 months and already see significant improvement in my mental health. She has released many emotions that I had "stuffed" for many years ago. I feel lighter after each session as she continues to "peel back the layers of the onion". I feel this arena of healthcare has been overlooked, until recently. Angela has an amazing skill set to get you back to being yourself with much less emotional stress than before." 

                                                                           - Travis

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"Working with Angela has been wonderful!  Her peaceful and kind demeanor combined with her skill set makes her really powerful at what she does.  I came in with a trapped emotion that was affecting my left shoulder for almost a year.  It was to the point of considering surgical options when I had Angela take a look.  In just a few sessions I saw the shoulder change dramatically for the better!  Now I have full range of motion without the pain in my shoulder!  Thank God that he introduced me to this powerful tool and for Angela's desire to help others."



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Being introduced to Angela and the Emotion Code has been one of the BEST things to happen to me in years!!  It had been such a huge missing link in my ongoing 6 year long battle with chronic, neurological Lyme disease!  I hadn’t driven in a year for many reasons, and it was only after a handful of sessions working with Angela that I gained enough confidence to slowly get behind the wheel again.

The fact that I don’t have to sit down and pour out my heart and relive every situation that contains a “trapped emotion” is one of the biggest advantages to this way of healing!! Your body lets Angela know what is going on emotionally without you saying a word, and once you release an emotion you feel this weight lifted off of you!  I will never forget my families first session with Angela, as we all took turns going. My kids were 12 and 8 when we first started, and they were able to release things they couldn’t even explain due to age/maturity level. But they could communicate that they felt lighter and happier once releasing their trapped emotions. My husband and I both noticed a change in their attitudes within days!! 

I can’t say enough good things about Angela and her professionalism!! I love that she is a Christian and prayed for me before our first session(not something that has to be done).  In my 4-5 months of working with her, I have seen so many improvements in not only my overall health, but in my happiness and the way I view myself. I strongly attribute part of my steady incline in health to Angela and her genuine care to help others!


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